Extra – Curricular Activities

Civil Engineering is the mother of all branches of Engineering. The department competes professionally with suitable and modern technological skills in the field of research and higher studies. Students learn and practice ethical, environmental and professional responsibilities for sustainable development of society and nation. Students are able to develop capability to utilize innovative and creative engineering skills in diverse career paths. The students exhibit their talents in various mind provoking events.


SI.No.Student nameEventPositionLevel of Competition
1C.M.S. SelvarajanBadmintonRunnerZonal Level
2A. Mohan AravindBadmintonRunnerZonal Level
3N.SabarishBadmintonRunnerZonal Level
4C.M.S. SelvarajanBadmintonWinnerInter College
5A. Mohan AravindBadmintonWinnerInter College
6N.SabarishBadmintonWinnerInter College
7S.KarthikeyanBadmintonWinnerInter College
8S. YogeshwaranBadmintonWinnerInter College
9S.KarthikeyanTable TennisWinnerZonal Level
11C.M.S. SelvarajanPITSParticipatedTanjore
12A. Mohan AravindPITSParticipatedTanjore
13C.M.S. Selva RajanTable TennisWinnerInter College
14S. KarthikeyanTable TennisWinnerInter College
15N.SabarishTable TennisWinnerInter College
16A. Mohan AravindTable TennisWinnerInter College
17T.K.P. PagalavanTable TennisWinnerInter College
18C.M.S. Selva RajanSquash RacketRunnerInter -Zonal Level
19S. KarthikeyanSquash RacketRunnerInter -Zonal Level
20A. Mohan AravindSquash RacketRunnerInter -Zonal Level
21N.SabarishSquash RacketRunnerInter -Zonal Level
22C.M.S. Selva RajanSquash RacketParticipatedAll India Inter University
23C.M.S. Selva RajanPITSRunnerTanjore
SI.No.Student nameEventPositionLevel of Competition
1A. Mohan AravindChessRunnerInter - College
2M. SwaminathanChessRunnerInter College
3A. BalajiChessRunnerInter College
4M. Durai AravindhChessRunnerInter College
5A. VimalChessRunnerInter College
6K.C. DeeparajChessRunnerInter College
7S. KarthikeyanTable TennisWinnerInter College
8C.M.S. Selva RajanTable TennisWinnerInter College
9A. Mohan AravindhTable TennisWinnerInter College
10T.K. PagalavanTable TennisWinnerInter College
11P.A. AfsarkhanTable TennisWinnerInter College
12A. Mohan AravindhBadmintonWinnerInter College
13C.M.S. Selva RajanBadmintonWinnerInter College
14S. YogeshwaranBadmintonWinnerInter College
15S. KarthikeyanBadmintonWinnerInter College
16B. RajasekaranBadmintonWinnerInter - College


Sl.NoName of the VolunteerActivitiesPlaceDate
1Mr. A. Ajith KumarBlood Donation CampVijaya Hospital13.03.2018
2Ms. S. SangaviBlood Donation CampSairam Campus13.03.2018
3Mr. A. VimalBlood Donation CampSairam Campus13.03.2018
4Mr. S. KarrupasamyBlood Donation CampSairam Campus13.03.2018
5Mr. A. BalajiBlood Donation CampSairam Campus13.03.2018
6Mr. S. SudharsanBlood Donation CampSairam Campus13.03.2018
7Ms. V. NivethaBlood Donation CampSairam Campus13.03.2018
8Ms. C. PavithraBlood Donation CampSairam Campus13.03.2018
9Ms. M. N. RubadeviBlood Donation CampSairam Campus13.03.2018
Sl.NoName of the VolunteerActivitiesPlaceDate
1Mr.AhiyaBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
2Ms. S. SangaviBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
3Mr. A. VimalBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
4Mr. S. KarrupasamyBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
5Mr. A. BalajiBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
6Mr. S. SudharsanBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
7Mr.A.MartincarmBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
8Mr.MaheshmichaelBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
9Mr.K.PothirajanBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
10Mr.A.PradeepBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
11Mr.R.RajamariyappanBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
12Mr.A.ManirathinamBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
13Mr.R.VigneshBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
14Mr.S.SrinivasanBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
15Ms.P.DivyaBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
16Ms.P.AbiramiBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
17Mr.M.DeepakBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
18Mr.S.TarunBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
19Mr.S.DishtsundarBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
20Ms.R.IndumathiBlood Donation CampSairam Campus05.02.2019
21Mr. S. KarrupasamySai - CarnivalSairam Campus16.03.2019
22Mr.S.SathishkumarSai - CarnivalSairam Campus16.03.2019
23Mr.S.TarunSai - CarnivalSairam Campus16.03.2019
24Mr.VS.MohanasundaramSai - CarnivalSairam Campus16.03.2019
25Mr.M.PraveenSai - CarnivalSairam Campus16.03.2019
26Mr.VS.Pravin RathinaSai - CarnivalSairam Campus16.03.2019
27Mr.R.KumaresanSai - CarnivalSairam Campus16.03.2019
28Mr.D.AravindhanSai - CarnivalSairam Campus16.03.2019
29Mr.G.VigneshSai - CarnivalSairam Campus16.03.2019
30Mr.R.VasanthkumarSai - CarnivalSairam Campus16.03.2019
31Mr.N.AmuthanSai - CarnivalSairam Campus16.03.2019
32Mr.GP.AsshokkumarSai - CarnivalSairam Campus16.03.2019
33Mr.E.DineshSai - CarnivalSairam Campus16.03.2019
34Mr.T.DhineshklumarSai - CarnivalSairam Campus16.03.2019
35Mr.V.KarthickSai - CarnivalSairam Campus16.03.2019
36Mr.R.JeyakrishnanSai - CarnivalSairam Campus16.03.2019


1Mr. M. BhuvaneshAuthority of ministry of defenceFlight Cadet24-Jul-17
2Mr. M. BhuvaneshAnnual Training Camp IFlight Cadet28 July 2017 6 Aug 2017
3Mr. M. BhuvaneshCATC cum RDC Trg I CampFlight Cadet15 Sep 2017 24 Sep 2017
4Mr. M. BhuvaneshCATC cum RDC Trg II CampCadet Sergeant26 Sep 2017 5 Oct 2017
5Mr. M. BhuvaneshCATC cum RDC Launch CampCadet Sergeant06 Oct 2017 15 Oct 2017
6Mr. M. BhuvaneshIGC RD CampSergeant21 Oct 2017 30 Oct 2017
7Mr. M. BhuvaneshRDC Trg I CampCadet Sergeant21 Nov 2017 30 Nov 2017
8Mr. M. BhuvaneshCATC cum RDC Trg II CampSergeant06 Dec 2017 15 Dec 2017
9Mr. M. BhuvaneshCATC cum RDC Launch CampSergeant18 Dec 2017 27 Dec 2017
10Mr. M. BhuvaneshAnnual NCC Republic Day Camp & Prime Minister RallyParticipated01 Jan 2018 21 Jan 2018
11Mr. M. Bhuvanesh9 th CADO Fiesta 2018Participated09 Feb 2018 11 Feb 2018