National / International Conference

International Conference in 2022

Our Department encourages student and staff to actively participate and present papers in National and International Conferences.

  • Prof S.Kandasamy has attended the ‘fib-days’ International Conference, L& T, Chennai in Feb 2007.
  • Prof S.Kandasamy has attended 2 days National Conference, on ‘Water Conservation’ at Adhi Parasakthi Engineering College, Chennai, March 2010.
  • Ms.D.Parkavi, presented a paper titled ‘Climate change Mitigation Potential of Tea Processing Units’ in International Conference on Climate Mitigation and Adaptation organized by centre for Environmental Studies, Anna University, Chennai held during Jan 2012.
  • Ms. A.Sujaatha & Ms.Karthika.V has attended the ‘fib-days’ International Conference, L& T, Chennai on 10th & 11th Jan 2013.
  • Ms.R.Pamila, Ms.M,Padmaja, Ms.D.Parkavi, presented a paper on ‘Colour Removal from Waste Water using LCACB’ in International Conference on Environmental Management & Green Technologies organized by department of Civil Engineering, St.Peters College of Engineering and Technology, Chennai held during March 2014.
  • Ms.R.Pamila, Ms.M,Padmaja presented a paper on ‘Analysis of Heavy Metals in Leachate using Tamarind Shells’ in the 2nd International Conference on Emerging trends in Energy and Environment organized by Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai held during Jan 2014.
  • Prof S.Kandasamy has attended 2 days International Conference, on ‘Valuation Techniques’ organized by International Valuers Association at Chennai, Jan 2014.